MNTV Workday - Dunham Massey

Sunday 05 September 2021
09:30 to 15:30

This weekend we should have been heading to Snowdonia for our annual weekend in Wales, however with the UK just starting to come out of Covid-19 restrictions and people still getting use to the new norm we have had to postpone this visit. We do however have a back up plan; Dunham Massey!

It's been well over a year since we were last at Dunham and there's a new Ranger in town well when we say new, she's new to Dunham but not new to us, Natalie from Hardcastle is heading up the team at Dunham and she's looking forward to seeing us again.

Over 400 years of history have unfolded at Dunham Massey. Home to two ancient families, the Booths and the Greys, their stories of international fortune and friendship can still be felt across the estate today. 

Meet Daniel in the main carpark at 9.30

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