What do we do?

Below are some more details as to what we get upto on our workdays. 

Rhody bashing

The art of ridding one small bit of the countryside from the invasive weed that is known as Rhododendron - usually of the ponticum variety. The work usually includes cutting down of the bushes, assembling them in a nice neat pile, and the fun bit - setting light to them.



Be they post and wire, post and rail, cleft oak or picket. We put them up, pull them down or just repair them.


Footpath work

Most people just walk right over them but we make them and maintain them.


Pond clearance

Wellies, waders and the occasional boat are often put into action for clearing reeds and other debris from various water features.


Woodland Work

Brashing, thinning, planting, clearing - we do them all.


Other work

Occasionally we become involved in projects at properties such as building a pineapple plantation, restoring culverts, stabilising peat bogs, controlling the movement of sand dunes etc. 


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