Workday - Styal Estate

Sunday 18 September 2022
09:30 to 15:00

This workday was supposed to be taking place at Marsden Moor but unfortunatley we have had to changge locations so we will be out on the Styal Estate with Ranger Stu. The Styal Estate is home to Quarry Bank Mill and is a stones throw from the 2nd runway of Manchester’s International Airport. It is also where MNTV celebrated its 30th Birthday as it is one of our most frequented work sites. What Stu has in store is not known, he will likely decide when he knows numbers, but the team there always appreciate our help and there's always a variety of tasks through out the from Tree Planting to Footpah Maintenance. Why would you not want to come?

Meet Christine in the main carpark @ 9.30am

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